Solo Travel as a Homeschool Mom

Traveling as a homeschool mom is pretty easy when the family is all traveling together. Fortunately, my husband also has a very flexible work schedule and he can work from home when necessary. There have been opportunities for us to travel during the week as a family without it interrupting school or work, which is great. However; I’ve recently had a bit of work travel and I’ve had to travel solo. I’ve found a few approaches really help me to keep calm and keep school on track when I can’t be home. If you’re considering homeschooling while working, these tips can help you have a plan in place if work travel ever pops up.

Let the Small Stuff Slide

The great thing about being a home school mom is that I decide what is super important. We partner with a tutoring program, and there is a syllabus and schedule that we follow. However, when I travel, I use that freedom to excuse homework or tasks that aren’t super important. I could stress myself out trying to do all the tasks and assignments planned for the week, but why? The whole reason why we chose homeschooling was because we wanted more freedom. So when I travel and can’t instruct, I decide what is most important, and we skip the rest.

Lean on Your Network

While I was on the plane about to take off, I got an urgent call from my husband. His elderly uncle was in ICU with internal bleeding and he had to rush over and check on him. If I were home, I would have taken charge of our daughter so he could care for his uncle, but I was on my way out of town. I texted my network of close friends and asked for help. In less than 5 minutes someone was calling my husband to arrange care for our daughter. My friends are amazing, and everyone doesn’t have the benefit of these types of relationships. They are not a must, but definitely key. Without help from trusted friends, situations like this are so much more stressful.


A friend and fellow Mom Blogger recently wrote about using work trips as mommy vacations, so I’m not going to run through all the details (check her out here). However, I will say this, if you can travel alone, do it! Yes, you will miss your family, yes, they will miss you. But if you are working full-time and homeschooling, you need every break you can get. When you travel alone (for work or pleasure), it is a great opportunity to recharge and refocus on yourself. You can starfish in the bed, take a 30 minute shower, and sit in your room all night and not talk to anyone! That is my personal favorite……PEACE AND QUIET.

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