30 Days Getting Dressed


What’s the hardest part of working from home? Getting dressed! I love fashion and shop (a lot), but if I have no where to go I end up in PJ bottoms and grungy tee shirts. I think a lot of work at home moms and stay at home moms can relate. I’m working full-time, homeschooling and running a little side business making brochure websites for people. Getting dressed often is the lowest priority of my day. Which means that I haven’t been a priority. 

This month, I am pushing myself to take more time for myself and do things I love like: playing in my closet, wearing makeup (just because it makes me happy) and writing. Writing! Writing! Follow my journey as I carve out some ME time. 

I’m curious how this is all going to impact me. Today getting dressed, putting on a little makeup and some jewelry really perked up my mood. I felt better about myself. Bonus: I was not afraid of going on camera during conference calls.

One day down, 29 more to go.

StyleKristus Ratliff