My Morning Beauty Routine

Mornings in our house can be a bit hectic. I hate waking up early and I usually have about 10 - 20 minutes to get ready most days. My routine is fast and my goal is to take care of my skin and even out my skin tone. In the past, I would just use wipes to remove makeup at night and I would forget to really take care of my skin. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that it is better to take care of my skin than wear lots of makeup.

The routine I use for skincare took a long time to get just right. I have acne prone skin and so I need products that keep my skin clean, clear and balanced. I use a cleanser that helps prevent acne each day along with a Lotion P50 PIGM400 (a toner that has AHA and BHA acids). The acids helps keep my skin tone even, fight acne, and keep my skin fro being dull. Lotion P50 toner is a bit of cult favorite. There are lots of articles on it (click here to see one of my favs).

If you get the cleanser I use, you will need to get it in a kit which comes with a great toner and acne cream. I used up all the toner that came in my kit before finishing the cleanser or acne cream, and I highly recommend it. I just got the Lotion P50 because I wanted to see if the hype was deserved … or just hype. After using it for several months, I can say that it is worth the fanfare. But I did get great results using a much more affordable product that does pretty much the same thing.

The Hada Labo “lotion” is actually a clear watery like serum. I don’t know how to describe it, but it is not creamy. It instantly gives my skin moisture and helps it plump up. I seriously love this product. I love it so much I have two bottles on hand at all times. It is very affordable and delivers on its promise to hydrate and balance your skin. I’ve found that using heavy lotions under makeup backfires, which is why this is a year round staple in medicine cabinet. Heavy creams break me out and cause my makeup to get super shiney.

I learned about Hada Labo and the Biore Aqua Rich SPF I use from the Gothamista). She is a beauty influencer/blogger with a YouTube channel packed with excellent videos, reviews and tutorials on skincare. She tends to focus on Asian beauty products (which are very popular right now) and includes a great mix of luxury and affordable brands. What I love about the Biore is that unlike, most SPFs which leave a white cast, it instantly melts into my skin, doesn’t burn or irritate my skin or eyes, and doesn’t flash back. It really is the best sunscreen I’ve come across in awhile. If you can’t find it (it’s imported from Japan and hard to track down), try Cerave AM Moisterizer. It is a similar price point and absorbs well. It does flashback a little though.

All of the products I used are below. Click on each photo to purchase or learn more.

Products Used



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